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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Generation Rent

generation rent

  Millennial Generation Now Being Referred to as “ Generation Rent ” As the rising generation delays many life changing […]

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Are You Renting to A Hoarder?

renting to a hoarder

  Are You Renting to A Hoarder? 5 Strategies to Handle the Issue Though hoarding has been a hidden disorder […]

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Secret Services

secret services

  Our ‘ Secret Services ’ Give Other Indianapolis Property Management Companies a Run for Their Money Are you one […]

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Know Their Neighbors

know their neighbors

Encouraging Tenants to Know Their Neighbors May Lead to Safer Neighborhoods for Indianapolis Investors Nextdoor is one of the newest […]

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What Do Millennials Want

what do millennials want

Indianapolis Property Owners Ask What Do Millennials Want? As the millennial generation is changing the way America looks at renting […]

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Rising Rental Home Rates

rising rental home rates

Rising Rental Home Rates Good Sign for Indianapolis Real Estate Investors Rental Statistics Report Released Shows Rent, Vacancy, and Saturation […]

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What About Lead Poisoning?


Rental Property Owners Need to Know About Lead Poisoning     Lead poisoning has been in the news lately. Whether […]

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7 Ways to Communicate Better


Tenant Communication HEY YOU! 7 WAYS TO COMMUNICATE BETTER WITH YOUR TENANTS.   They say that you can’t over-communicate with […]

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